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3.3. Staff Accounts: How to Register and Assign a Work Org

Staff Permissions in Evergreen are applied to a specific location and system depth based on the home library of the user. The user will only have that permission within the scope provided by the Depth field in relation to his/her working locations.

Evergreen provides group application permissions in order to restrict which staff members have the ability to assign elevated permissions to a user, and which staff members have the ability to edit users in particular groups.

New staff accounts are created in much the same way as patron accounts, using Circulation → Register Patron or Shift+F1.  Fill in all of the fields to define the staff member name/function and address, phone, email, stat cats, etc.  Select one of the staff profiles from the Profile Group drop-down menu. See the staff account descriptions to decide which permission group(s) should be assigned.  Each staff account must have one primary, but can also have a secondary.

Each staff account must also be assigned a Working Location which determines its access level in staff client interfaces.

To assign a working location, open the newly created staff account using F1 (retrieve patron) or F4 (patron search).

  1. Select Other → User Permission Editor

    Click User Permission Editor in the Patron's Other menu
  2. Place a check in the box next to the desired working location, then scroll to the bottom of the display and click Save.

  3. Please only edit the working locations in this screen. Do NOT attempt to edit any of the permissions further down, which are assigned to the permission group selected and should not be altered individually. Please contact SPARK Support if you have questions or need further assistance.



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