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3.1. Setting up a SIP2 Account

If you need a SIP2 account to authenticate/verify patron access to an online resource, please contact SPARK support. SIP2 accounts need to be activated on the server, so we will need to contact Equinox.

More information on SIP and Evergreen is located HERE


You can start the process by setting up accounts for your location.  Here are the recommended protocols for consistency:

Create a new SIP account: It's just like registering a patron.

Circulation-->Register Patron

Barcode:  Use Short Code Org Unit plus the name of the product.  (Example, Wyomissing's Hoopla account Barcode is WYOHoopla.)

OPAC/Staff Client User Name: Same as above.

Password:   Short Code+the first letter of the product+the 4 digit password generated by Evergreen.

First Name: Library Mailing Address City

Last Name:  Resource Name

Complete any other Fields that are Required with complete properly formatted information for the location requesting setup of the account.  If birthdate is required use 1900/01/01.  Complete any other Required fields for address and stat cats etc.

Choose Patron Profile Type:  Create the account as Lib_Admin   (SPARK support will change this to SIP when they receive it from you.  At this time, only SPARK Support staff can create SIP accounts.)



Next Step:  Lets PaILS Support Staff know that you have created the accounts.  PaILS Staff must inform Equinox that the account is setup so they can activate it. 

Equinox doesn't restart SIP server during the day.  New accounts will become live the day after added.  The SIP server is automatically restarted early each morning when activity is low.


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