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4.6. Holdings templates

Setting up Holdings Templates can save you a lot of time when creating item records.  They also improve consistency and accuracy.  If you plan to always apply the same item attributes to a particular kind of material, you may wish to create a Holdings Template to help automate the process.

The Holdings Template Editor lets you make brand new templates, or edit existing templates.

1.  To create a new template:

a.  First, click in the blank space next to “Template”, and type in the new template’s name,
b.  Then, set all of the item attributes that you want to be included, and
c.  Finally, click the “Save” button.

2.  To edit an existing template:

a.  First, click the dropdown box, and select the template you want to change
b.  Next, click the Apply button – this will show all of the current settings for the template
c.  Then, make changes to the item attributes as needed
d.  Lastly, click the “Save” button

3.  To apply a holdings template from the Edit Holdings screen:

a.  Click the dropdown box,
b.  Select the template from the list, and
c.  Click “Apply”.

Remember to save your changes at the bottom of the screen!

4.  To create a backup copy of your holdings templates:

a.  Click the “Export” button.

b.  Save the file.

c.  To restore the backup copy, click the “Import” button. Then select the backup, and click “Open”.  (If you want to share your templates with another user, make sure they are logged in before the backup is imported.)

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