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3.5. Copy templates: Creating

Creating Copy Templates makes cataloging easier and faster. Here are instructions for creating templates-


1. Copy templates can be created by going to Administration>Local Administration>Volume/Copy Template Editor.
Note: Copy templates can also be created directly in the Copy Editor when working with an actual item. Within the volume/copy editor there is a tab called Copy Templates where you can take the same actions as described below.
2. The copy templates that you create will appear in the drop down menu. If you have not previously created a copy template, you will see an empty drop down menu.
3. To create a new template:
a. Assign a template name in the drop down menu.
b. Enter your preferred values in the fields of the Copy Editor. To edit a field, simply click on it, choose a value from the drop down menu, or enter your data.
The field will turn green to indicate that you made a change.
4. To save your template, click Save at the top of the screen.

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