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5.1. Periodicals

Many libraries in SPARK do not use Evergreen's Serials module for adding magazines and serials, but if you are interested, please inquire.

Instead they attach the magazine item copy to a bibliographic record, similar to the process of adding a book to an existing bibliographic record. 

Some locations use a Bibliographic Record for each year's issues, others keep all titles on the same record.

Magazines are currently a little messy in our shared bibliographic catalog.

Highlighted idea: Use a standard call number format for entering your magazines.  Add your items/copies to the same bibliographic record every time.  Ensure you have a standard protocol for barcode placement and call number format.


  1. Search for and Find the Magazine or Serials record for the Item in Hand.
  2. Go to the Holdings View tab.
  3. Select the library to which you would like to add a volume and copies and right click, or click Actions and select Add Volumes and Copies.   Note: If you are adding the first volume at your library, right click under the Owning Library column and select Add Volumes and Copies.
  4. A new tab will open that contains the volume/copy editor.   Enter your call number information (e.g. CR APR 2018) – please do not leave this call number field blank - and scan in the new barcode you are affixing to the item.
  5. Create your item record by applying a copy template or manually editing the fields. It is recommended that you create a Magazine copy template for this purpose.
  6. Click Save & Exit to create the new copy.
  7. Refresh the Holdings View screen to see your newly created copy.

If your library is interested in learning how to use the Serials Module of Evergreen for more accuracy, to use routing lists, to claim issues that do not arrive if you use a vendor, or just to try a different workflow, start by looking at the Evergreen Community documentation about the Serials Module.  If it interests you, contact SPARK support to work on an implementation plan. Cool features like routing slips are available. Existing members who use the module may be able to offer ideas.

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