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3.2. Descriptions of Staff Accounts: Permissions

A person who works for your library will typically have two accounts in our software. 
  1. They will have usually choose to have an account in their own name that they applied for in order to use your library location borrowing privileges--this is their personal account as a patron/customer of your library.  This account does not change if they change employment status with your library.  
  2. They will also have an account that has STAFF Permissions that is used to login to Evergreen's web client to do their work. 

Here is a breakdown of the current types of Staff Accounts by Permission Type: 
Staff members can be assigned both a primary and a secondary Staff Functions.
  • CircClerk: Can perform basic circulation functions.
  • CircSupervisor: Can perform same tasks as a CircClerk plus they can override special circumstances such as allowing a patron to check out materials even though he has exceed the fine threshold, checking out a book with an available hold to another patron etc.  They can also upload Offline Circulation Transactions and run reports.
  • Copy Cataloger: Can add copies and call numbers to existing bib records and edit them.
  • Tech Services: Copy Cataloger functions plus they can create, import, and edit MARC records and perform all acquisitions and serials control functions.
  • LibAdmin: Can perform all above functions. In addition, they can create report templates, edit receipt templates, change library hours, customize thestaffclient, create workstations, etc. This is typically reserved for library directors and Tech Support people.
  • SYSADMIN:  There are additional higher levels of accounts that are used by PaILS Staff and contracted vendors.

PaILS Support Staff are currently working on a project to more clearly define these permissions and maybe to add additional levels to empower the community. 

It is important to understand the security of your login, especially with the Web Client.  **Permissions that allow a person to create/register a new workstation should be carefully monitored to prevent access to patron data from locations outside the library.

Additional Information for Download:

  • Download the report output (and excel sheet) showing current permission groups and settings.  This file was exported 2019.12.18.   It shows which levels have which perm_codes and the depth. 
  • Download a draft of a Staff Account Policy that may be considered by PaILS at an upcoming Board meeting.   It is modeled on a policy used by Evergreen Indiana.  A suggestion might be to add this policy to the migration steps.
  • Download a draft of some more detailed documentation about Staff Permissions.  This is a working draft.  PaILS is considering if new permission levels may be needed for additional levels.

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