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8.1. Instructions for Offline Circulation

"Oh no, I can't get to SPARK, it's really slow and the screen isn't loading."    "That last transaction took waaaaayyyy to long and still hasn't completed."   What should I do? 

(Follow instructions to Call Carrie or send a support request marked URGENT to make sure that it has been reported to Equinox.) 

If you want to use SPARK/Evergreen to scan barcodes of patrons and items so you can upload the transactions later, use Offline Circulation

Circulation-->Offline Circulation (bottom of the menu)

Suggestion: Download the document below and keep a print copy of the instructions near circulation workstations.  You need to be prepared and take steps to set this up in advance of an outage.


Watch a 45 minute video : Offline Circulation Video  and try out the features on your own instance of Evergreen to set it up.  (Please enter contact info to access the video.)  This video stars Lugene, PaILS Director of Technology and Support. It is recommended for new LibAdmins, or CircSupervisors if you are new to using Offline Circulation and want to understand what you need to do to use it effectively during instances without connectivity.


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