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2.4. Offline Circulation

Your location should decide if you want to use the Offline Circulation feature of Evergreen if the internet is down.

The software collects scanned information and allows it to be uploaded as transactions.  The process has many steps. 

SPARK wants to learn more about the reasons libraries decide to use the feature and if they don't, what alternative process works better for their workflow. 

If You Use Offline Circulation:

Print these instructions and keep them near the circulation workstations for easy reference.

There are steps you must have taken before the system goes Offline to ensure that Offline Circulation will function completely for your location.

The address to bookmark is:  https://<yourhostname>/eg/staff/offline-interface

Note: replace the entire expression <yourhostname> with yourorgcustomname.spark.org

Evergreen's Offline Circulation interface is designed to log transactions during a network outage. Transactions can be uploaded and processed once network connectivity is restored.

Offline Circulation in the Web Staff Client relies on storing some information in the browser for offline use. Prior to using Offline Circulation, you must have access to your production server and register your workstation on the computer and in the browser you intend to use. You must also log in from that browser at least once and visit Search -> Search for Patrons. Perform a search, select a user from the results, and open the Patron Edit interfaces. This will allow the Offline interface to collect the information it needs, such as workstation information and the patron registration form.

The Offline Circulation interface can be found by navigating to Circulation -> Offline Circulation.

The permanent link for the Offline Circulation is https://<yourhostname>/eg/staff/offline-interface and it is recommended that this link be bookmarked on staff workstations. This is the location for both entering transactions while offline as well as processing them later. You will see a slightly different version of this interface depending on whether or not you are logged in.  (To continue reading, download the document below here.)


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