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3.3. Manage Issues

Follow these steps to manage the issues for your new subscription. This will be the next step in the creating a new subscription process.

Search for the bibliographic record of the serial.  

Click Serials----Manage Subscriptions. 


  1. This will open a new screen that has four tabs: 
    • Manage Subscriptions
    • Manage Predictions
    • Manage Issues
    • Manage MFHDS.


On the Manage Subscriptions tab, you will see existing subscriptions at your library.  You can scope to any org unit. 

Click on Manage Issues

The full list of issues and a few actions that can be taken on them. 


You filter by Status, Receive the next issue, Predict new issues, Add Special Issues, Print Routing Lists and Barcode on receive if you barcode your serials.  There are also additional options under the Actions dropdown menu. 

If you do barcode your serials, this is where you will go to add that barcode and receive the serial. 

  1. You'll want to click on the issue you are barcoding. 
  2. Check the box for Barcode on receive
  3. Click Receive Next Issue. 

The following box will appear and allow you to add the shelving location, call number information and barcode.  Don't forget to click Save to finish. 


Last Step- Manage MFHDs

Official Evergreen Documentation is available with more details. 

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