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2.3. Hatch and Printer Settings

Hatch is a browser extension that streamlines the printing in Evergreen for Chrome and Firefox. 

To install it, you will need to visit the Evergreen Download page- https://evergreen-ils.org/egdownloads/ to download the installation file. 

If the installation file  doesn't add the extension to your Chrome browser, you can download it directly from the Chrome App Store.  You will need to download it from the Firefox Add-Ons page if you are using the Firefox browser. 

Once it is installed, you'll log into Evergreen and navigate to Adminstration---Workstation--Print Service ("Hatch") and put a check in the box to Use Hatch for Printing. 

To set up your Printers to use Hatch.  Print Templates can be assigned to use specific printers, Default, Receipt, Label, Mail and Offline.  

Navigate to Adminstration---Workstation-- Printer Settings.  Select each of the tabs and select the printer you want to use for that function.   Be sure to click Apply Changes each time you go to another printer tab. 


1. Many use Default for their regular document printer for things like the Holds Pull List. 

2. You may need to make adjustments for the Receipt Printer tab for margins so that it doesn't cut off or shrink things. 


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