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2.1. Registering a Workstation

When you log into Evergreen for the fist time, you will need to register your workstation. 

You need to have at least CircSupervisor permissions to register a workstation. 

1. Enter your username and password.

2. You will be directed to this page to register your workstation. 

3. Be sure to select your library's short code.  This short code will let Evergreen know which library you are working at and how to handle all the transactions and other work you do when logged in. 

4. Enter your computer's name in the Workstation Name box.  Use the naming convention used by your library. 

5. Click Register. 

6.  You may get a pop-up warning you if a name is already in use.  You can click ok/continue.  If you cleared your cache or got a new computer, you will be need to reuse a name that already exists. 

7. Select the workstation and short code combo you wish to use and click Use Now. You'll get taken to the login screen and you will log in to start using Evergreen. 


1. You can register multiple workstations on each computer.  This works for those who work at different locations.  


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