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4.1. Template Package for Webby by Blair County

Attached are two receipt template packages provided by Katie Martin of the Blair County Library System for the Web Version of SPARK.

The second download is the most recent version.

All the info (library name, phone numbers, etc) is database calls for customization.

It includes a reworking of the Holds Pull List to print as a List rather than a Table, to print on receipt printers.


To use these templates, you may want to download the file to a flash drive, and then upload it to each workstation that prints.

In the Spark Web Client, Upload it by going to Administration--Workstation--Print Templates, and then select the Import Button at the top right and follow these steps:

Importing Templates

  1. Click Import.
  2. Navigate to and select the template file that you want to import. Click Open.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click Save Locally.
  5. Click OK.

Test to make sure the templates work well for your location and include the information you want. Some longer library names may wrap or break across lines, so small edits may be necessary.  Some libraries don't want the workstation login where the receipt was printed, some do. 


Note: Find useful templates created by the Evergreen community here:  https://github.com/alynn26/Evergreen-Receipts/blob/master/checkout.html

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