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7.8. "Merge Madness" Overview

Our catalogers meet as a group on a semi-regular basis to review lists of potential duplicate MARC records, and to merge the records together when appropriate.


Before doing anything else, log into Evergreen, and load (or create) a record bucket.  Then, follow these steps:

  1. Open one of the spreadsheets, and do a visual analysis for potential duplicates.  The records should be grouped by title.  (If a row or cell is shaded, it means that another cataloger has already worked on that record.  Scroll down if needed to the first un-shaded area.)

  2. Add potential duplicates to a record bucket:
    • Copy the "Record ID"
    • Go to Evergreen, click the "Record Query" tab, and past the Record ID into the search area --> the title will be displayed below
    • Right-click the title, and select "Add to Bucket"
    • Go back to the spreadsheet, and repeat the process until all potential duplicates are added to the bucket

  3. Review everything in the bucket, and merge records together if appropriate.

  4. Once everything in the bucket has been reviewed, empty the contents of the bucket.

  5. Go back to the spreadsheet, and mark everything you just worked on as "reviewed" by shading the rows or cells.


For a complete review of the process, see the following training video:




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