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5.9. Policy for Deleting Patrons: Don't Delete Patrons.

SPARK Policy: If you wish to remove a patron due to death, relocation, or local inactivity policies, go into Edit and uncheck the Active box. Do NOT use Delete Patron Account UNLESS the Last Activity for that patron is more than 5 years ago.
We have very few policies at the SPARK level, but this is one of them. We receive a lot of questions about the difficulty of deleting patrons in SPARK. In addition to a host of error messages, there is widespread consensus in the Evergreen user community that it should only be done with great caution.
Totally obliterating a Patron Account will also delete any information and statistics connected to that account in the database, like Checkouts, Holds, Fines, etc. If the connection between the patron and the database record is broken because the patron is completely removed, the resulting "hole" in the database can produce error messages, data loss (albeit minor), "orphaned transits," and other anomalies.  For Annual Reports or other statistics,  you can run reports on the number of Inactive or Active patrons. At that point it is a matter semantics. As far as you and your reporting agencies are concerned, the patrons are gone.
If after 5 years the patron is still gone, then you can use the new patron bucket feature to batch delete. You may still encounter a number of overrides, but it can be done.

This is a topic that our community should discuss.  Removing expired accounts and giving a fresh start to your community can be a wonderful way to build trust in the services you provide.  We should only keep the data that we use that is relevant to now.



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