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4.12. Using "MARC Batch Edit"

MARC Batch Edit allows you to make changes in batch to groups of MARC records.  This is a very powerful feature, and the potential exists for a user to cause unintended harm to the SPARK-wide catalog.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the Cataloging Community or to SPARK Tech Support before using MARC Batch Edit!

Before opening MARC Batch Edit, place all MARC records that you wish to edit into a single Record Bucket.

To access MARC Batch Edit, go to Cataloging --> Marc Batch Edit.

a.  First, select the Action you wish to perform.  At the dropdown next to “Action (Rule Type)”, select either “Replace”, “Add”, or “Delete”.

b.  In the text entry area next to “MARC Tag”, enter the MARC Tag you wish to edit.

c.  If you only want to make changes to a specific subfield – in the text entry area next to “Subfields (Optional)”, enter the subfield you wish to edit.

(Only take steps “d” and “e” if you are adding or replacing data…)

d.  In the text entry area next to “MARC Data”, type the full, exact text for the information you wish to add or replace.

e.  The space underneath “Update Template Preview” will show what your changes will look like.  If things do not look 100% correct, proceed no further!

f.  Make sure that the dropdown next to “Record source” is set to “a Bucket”.  At the dropdown underneath, select the bucket that contains the records you wish to edit.

g.  Finally, click “GO!” to execute the batch change.

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