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3.5. MARC Batch Import/Export (for electronic records)

Importing a batch of electronic records:

To start:  From the “Cataloging” menu, select “MARC Batch Import/Export”.  Use the screenshot below as a guide for the instructions that follow:

a.  At the dropdown box next to “Record Type”, select “Bibliographic Records”

b.  Next to “Select or Create a Queue”, type in a unique queue name

c.  At the dropdown box next to “Record Match Set”, select “ISBN”

d.  Next to “Holdings Import Profile”, leave the dropdown box blank.

e.  At the dropdown next to “Merge Profile”, select “Add 856”.

f.  At the dropdown next to “Select a Record Source”, select “System Local”.

g.  Click the checkboxes next to “Import Non-Matching Records”, “Merge on Single Match”, and “Merge on Best Match”.

h.  Click the “Choose File” button. Browse to where your record batch is, and select the file.

i.  Finally, click the green “Upload” button.


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