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2.3. SPARK Receipt Templates with Phone # Modification

Last week we discussed the needs of libraries who were switching to Phone Notification for all holds during this time. One easy helper is to have your Holds Slips print the patron phone number regardless of the method the patron selects for notification.

Attached to this Knowledge Book you will find the SPARK Receipt Templates with this change made to the Hold Slips. Try them out and see if they work for you.

Need a review on how to load these on your workstation?
  • Download and save this attachment on your computer desktop.
  • In Evergreen go to Admin-->Workstation-->Print Templates
  • If you have customized your receipts and would like to preserve them, select Export Customized Templates
  • Next select Import and select the SPARK Templates file
  • After the import is complete check the Hold Shelf Slip Template
  • Make sure it displays the info you need



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