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3.7. MarcEdit: Split large record batches before upload

When using MARC Batch Import/Export to upload very large record batches, the maximum recommended upload size is 500 records per batch.  Anything larger may cause the system to time out while processing the batch during the upload.

If the batch of records you need to upload is larger than 500 records, you can split the batch into smaller sizes by using a program called “MarcEdit”.  To download MarcEdit, go to: https://marcedit.reeset.net/downloads

Note:  MarcEdit is available for both Windows and Mac computers.  Screenshots in the guide below are taken from Windows, but the basic layout and organization is the same for both versions.


1.  Open MarcEdit.  From the menu at the top, select “Tools”, then “MARC Processing Tools”, then “MARCSplit”.
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2.  At the “MARCSplit Utility” window, make the following changes:

A.   Click the folder icon next to “Source File”.  Browse to where your batch of records is stored, and open it.

B.   Click the folder icon next to “Destination Folder”, and choose a location to save the smaller batches.  To help with keeping things organized, you may wish to create a new folder with a unique name for every batch that is split.

C.   Click in the space under “Records Per File”, and type the number “500”.

D.   Finally, click the “Process” button. 

3.   A message will display, confirming that the smaller batches have been successfully created. 

You may now upload the smaller record batches using “MARC Batch Import/Export”.

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