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10.2. Getting rid of negative balances

Removing negative balances from a patron account

If a negative balance is added to a patron account, the following workflow can be used to remove it:

  1. Retrieve the patron account and go to the Bills screen.
  2. Select the bill with the negative balance, click on Actions for Selected Transactions or right-click on it, and select Add Billing.
  3. A window will pop up that asks "Are you sure you would like to add a billing to bill 1234?" Click Yes.
  4. A new window with the Bill Patron Wizard will appear. Select a Billing Type and enter in a positive bill amount for the same amount as the negative balance. For example, if the negative balance is -$35.00, enter $35.00 for the bill. Click Submit this Bill.
  5. The negative balance will now be cancelled out and cleared from the patron account.

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