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3.1. ILL Committee Charter

PaILS ILL Committee Charter

Approved by User Group Board on 3/19/2020 at meeting

I.           Mission:

To provide the staff of SPARK libraries with the support and guidelines of processing ILL’s. As a committee share ideas, recommendations and resolve problems to establish a user friendly interface.


II.          Responsibilities:

1.          Develop documentation outlining the procedures used by the SPARK community to process interlibrary loan requests.

2.          Work with PaILS administration to develop Interlibrary Loan goals, enhancements and solutions.

III.        Membership requirements:

Open to staff members that have a signed Membership Agreement with PaILS who are responsible for processing ILL’s.

IV.         Meetings:

1.         Will be held on at least a quarterly basis.

2.         On-line / phone meetings are acceptable.

V.         Leadership:

1.         One member will lead the committee as chairperson.

2.         The committee chairperson will be elected annually in the SPARK User Group election process.

3.         The committee chairperson’s term will be for 1 year from the time of their election. A committee chairperson may seek reelection at the following year’s Users Group Meeting if they wish.

VI.         Reporting:

1.         Minutes of Committee meetings will be sent to SPARK users within one week after each meeting.

2.         A verbal report will be offered at SPARK Users Group meetings.

3.         A written report will be included in PaILS / SPARK Annual Report.


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