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9.4. Things to consider when for Planned or Emergency Closures

Q: What to do if a branch/ branches are closing?  

A: Use the Emergency Closing Handler.  This is a great feature of Evergreen software.   

Consider your settings upon closure as well as when preparing for re-opening. 

This solution covers settings and updates for fines, holds, public access catalog and notices.

Q: How to extend due dates and/or renewal limits?

The Emergency Closing Handler covers these actions.  

Fines are not charged and due dates are extended until your opening dates.

If you want to change the dates of other items or extend your loan periods via policy, reach out.

Q: What about Notifications to your patrons? 

A:  We can turn off notifications for periods of time.

If you locally change any notification settings, ensure you record the changes, so you know what to do when it is time to reverse them.

Q: What about Holds? 

A: Use of the Emergency Closing Handler means that your location will not be getting a regular holds pull list.  Holds don't typically target when you are closed.  There is a library setting that can override this if you want to continue to pull holds to mail or offer no-contact pickup methods. 

If you are in the building and checking in items from the bookdrop, items with holds will still go to the holds shelf, but because notifications are off, your patron won't be notified.  A good practice if you are checking in items is to immediately checkout the item to a Temporary Holds Cart Patron using an override. That way, when you re-open, you can check them in and notifications will be sent to patrons to come to the library to get their holds with a regular period and the patron won't see the hold waiting on their account until you open.

Patrons can still place holds and get in line in the queue for items when you re-open.   

Q: What can our catalog say about the closing?

A: We can make temporary edits to your OPAC screen to display extended closure messages.  


Q: What are staff options for remote work via the Evergreen web client? 

A: Staff access should first be determined by your local policy and plan.  If you want staff to be able to access the web client from their remote workspace, take steps to ensure security of data.  Having a sign-off form may be a great best practice. 

People with Circ Sup, Tech Services, or Lib Admin permissions are able to register a workstation remotely and use it. 

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