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3.2. Carousels and Carousel Library Mappings

PaILS sponsored development for the enhancements to the Carousels features, so it was backported to our 3.3 instance.

Enter your name and email to watch a recording of a video: How to Set up A New Items Carousel for your Catalog.

The video walks you step by step through the creation of an automatically populated Newly Catalogued Items Carousel that links to your location and specific shelving locations.

It should take less than 10 minutes to create a Newly Cataloged Items Carousel for your catalog.



Follow the step by step directions below or download and print the directions.

How to Set Up a New Items Carousel for your Catalog:

  1.  Administration-->Local Administration-->Carousels

You will be brought to the Carousels Configuration screen.  

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 2. Click New Carousels to begin.  This opens Record Editor: Carousels.   (Example and detail on how to fill it out below)

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 3. Save the Carousel.

 You will now see your carousel with a Carousel ID number in the list of carousels.

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4.  Check the box in front of your newly created carousel and use the Action menu to select Refresh Selected.

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Verification Step:  To make sure things are working as you expect, or to see titles that will display, doubleclick to re-open the Record Editor.    Here you can click on the link for the bucket to see what items will appear in the carousel. 


5.  Administration-->Local Administration-->Carousel Library Mappings

This will bring you into Carousels Visible at Library Configuration screen.

Click on New Carousels Visible at Library

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Select the carousel you have just created from the Carousel dropdown menu.

Enter an Override Name if you wish.  (not always necessary, but will change the name of the carousel as it displays on your catalog)

Select the Library Catalog (use your shortcode for system or location) to determine which catalog the carousel should appear on.

Choose a Sequence number if you have more than 1 carousel and want to control the order of the carousels.  Carousels will display in number order.  If all are 0, ID number may control the order.

Catalogs with more than a few carousels may take longer to load.  (Not recommended to have more than 4 carousels.  1 or 2 may be best.)


6.  Now, go to your catalog to see the Carousel displayed.  There can be a short delay: the new carousel will show up as soon as it is populated/refreshed.   If your carousel doesn't appear within an hour, contact SPARK support and we can walk through the steps with you to see what may need to be changed or adjusted.  Remember, this is a new feature, backported to our installation on our open source software, so we may find areas for improvement or bugs with the feature.  Your participation helps us to constantly improve the software. 



How to Set Up a Manual Carousel:

Manual carousels do not automatically refresh, but are populated when you create Record Buckets of specific items.

Step 1:  Create a Record Bucket of the items you want to feature.

Step 2:  Create Carousel from Bucket.

Using Carousels for Patrons:

Patrons will use the Next and Previous buttons to advance the row of titles one at a time.
Patrons can click and drag/swipe the carousels either direction to advance more quickly and spin through the list many at a time.

Watch a video about the catalog and patron use of carousels.

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