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1.2. The SPARK Cataloging Committee

The SPARK Cataloging Committee works to maintain the quality of our bibliographic database, ensuring that it provides an accurate, easy-to-use interface for our patrons and staff.  Our members come from the cataloging staff of SPARK libraries and systems.  We work together to develop our shared cataloging procedures and standards, and we provide cataloging training and assistance to all of SPARK.  We believe that by serving the SPARK community as a whole, we help to provide the best possible catalog for our own individual libraries. 

Membership in the Cataloging Committee is open to cataloging staff from any SPARK library.  If you are interested in joining, or if you have any questions about the committee, please contact jonathan@wyopublib.org

Options for sharing and communication about records and problems include direct contact via phone or email with fellow SPARK Libraries, or use community options:


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