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4.8. Overlaying a MARC record

There are four basic steps to follow when overlaying a MARC record:

Note:  Temporary (or “stub”) MARC records and minimal-detail MARC records are also good candidates for overlay.

1.  To evaluate whether a record should be overlaid, always start by examining the MARC coding.  To do this, click the “MARC View” tab.

2.  If you decide that the record should be replaced, you need to mark it as a target for overlay.  To do this, go to the “Mark for:” dropdown box, and select “Overlay Target”.

3.  Search Z39.50 for a better MARC record.  When you have found a suitable replacement, highlight the record, then click the “Overlay” button.

4.  If the replacement record needs to be edited, click the button that says “Edit Z39.50 Record”.  Make your changes, then click “Save”.

5.  Finally, click the “Overlay” button.

The process is now complete, and the newly-overlaid record will display.

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