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1.2. Password Reset: Forgot your password or want to change it?

A patron can use My Account to change their own usernames, passwords, and email addresses.

How Patrons Change Their Own Password/PIN

After logging in to the My Account feature, a patron can change and update their own account information.  This is encouraged so patrons protect their privacy and manage their own account.

When a patron logs into their account with the barcode number and original PIN you provide to them, they can change it by using the Change link the Account Preferences tab.

Patrons changing password/PIN will see a screen like this:

(Note about the above: I'm not sure why it says it has to be 7 characters and contain letters and numbers when default Evergreen PINs are four digits.  The password field does not accept special characters or spaces.)

A patron can use features of My Account to change their own usernames, passwords, and email addresses.

On a standard installation, patrons cannot update their name, address, or telephone number.  Patrons should contact the library to update this information or to use preferred names.

Forgot your password?

If a patron doesn't remember their password, they can use the Forgot your password? link to Reset their password.  To use this feature, your customer must have a valid email. 

The customer will receive an email from pails  at   custsmtp dot esilibrary dot com  (Anyone techie know if we can make the name display SPARK Libraries instead of the address?)

This is the current text of that email:  (we may change it soon.)

The link takes the customer to the SPARK shared catalog for the password reset.  This is a notification at the SPARK level.  Your local branding is not on the password reset feature site.

Patron enters their new password twice and voila: the password is reset and they are in their account, only in the SPARK libraries shared catalog. 

The newly reset password can be used in your own local library catalog too. 

Have you tried to see if your password can log into other library catalogs?

Note: Your opac may have a different standard than the text above that suggests entering last 4 digits of your phone number.

To solve patron problems with password/PIN, public services staff can offer to enter a new Password:

Library staff can generate a new random password to populate the blank, or enter a number your location prefers, tell the patron what it is, and SAVE the record. 

The patron will then have the ability to login and change it to anything else they want anytime in the future.  Patrons should be in charge of their own password, or use the Privacy Waiver to authorize someone else to manage it for them.

Highlight:  It's a privacy protection feature of Evergreen that the field blanks out after it is Saved.  There is no way for a staff member to tell a person what their old password was, only to put a new one in and save it.

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