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3.13. Deleting bibliographic records

Before deleting a bibliographic record, check to see whether other libraries have item records attached.  If other libraries do have item records attached, do not delete the bibliographic record.

1.  If you delete all of the item records attached to a bibliographic record, the bibliographic record will be automatically deleted.  To do this:

  1. Go to “Item Status” and scan the item barcode.  Then, at the “Actions” dropdown menu, select “Delete Items”.

b.  A warning message will appear; click “OK/Continue”.

c.  The item record has been deleted…

d.  ...as has the bibliographic record.

3.  If a bibliographic record is empty (no item records attached), it may be deleted, as long as the bibliographic record is older than three months:

a.  First, double-check that the record is truly empty:  click the “Holdings View” tab, set “Show holdings at or below” to “SPARK”, and verify that nothing is listed.


b.  Then, go to the “MARC Edit” tab, and click the “Delete” button.

c.  A warning message will appear; click “OK/Continue”


d.  The bibliographic record is now deleted from the catalog.

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