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5.2. Ebooks: Adding ebooks to the catalog by editing the 856 in the Import Queue

Access to ebooks is restricted to libraries or library systems through the 856 tag.

The $9 subfield in the 856 tag needs to contain your local library or library system's SPARK Org Unit short code to make the item appear in your catalog.


Here's a library staff note to accompany the Adding eRecords to the Catalog, which is York's process documentation:  "There is no difference between the way we uploaded for Overdrive or Hoopla vs Axis.  I always upload my records first, BEFORE I import them, to compare matches and make sure my records look good and my subfield 9’s are present.  If Axis is directly sending them files like we get, it should be the same process.  If the vendor is not adding the $9’s, they will need to add them in MARC Edit.  There are different kinds of matches.  In the documentation it goes into eMatches as well as physical book/audio, etc. matches caused by bad ISBN’s.  If you have more than one match, pick the better one and/or the one with the most libraries on it.  With matches, selecting only Merge on Single Match and Merge on Best Match will automatically keep the record Evergreen thinks is the best and import your library’s 856 onto it.  The thing to remember with matches is they can be GOOD (i.e. the same item you are trying to import and yes, you may see more than one “good” record match) or BAD (there is an ISBN in the record that is causing a match to an item that isn’t in eFormat and you must remove the bad ISBN to import your record) or a mix of the two.  Every match must be looked at individually.”

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