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8.2. Library of Congress: ISBN field guidelines

Learn about the importance of the 020 Field in a proper MARC bibliographic record.


SPARK Cataloging guidelines suggest that you should remove ISBNs that are not the same item format, example, remove all audiobook or e-record or Large Print ISBNs if you are adding the record for a regular paper copy of the book.

Even if you are importing a record, you should check the ISBNs to make sure they are correct.

The ISBNs also help to populate the cover art that displays in the catalog.

Note: It is ok and expected to have multiple ISBNs for print books.  Children's materials are especially difficult because they wind up with different bindings and printings that are, essentially, the same book, just in a different wrapper/binding.  All of these can and should be included on the same bibliographic record.

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