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6.3. E-Resources: Uploading using "MARC Batch Import/Export"

All electronic records that you import into SPARK must have a customized 856 field, with:

If the eRecords that you want to import do not have $9 in 856, you can add it in batch using a program called “MarcEdit”.  Instructions for how to do so are located elsewhere in this Knowledge Book.

Once you have customized your 856 fields, follow these instructions to upload your record batches:

  1. Go to Cataloging>MARC Batch Import/Export. The screen will load the Import Records tool.

  2. Fill in the following fields (if a field on the screen is not listed below, do not select anything for that field):

    1. Record Type:  Select “Bibliographic Records”

    2. Create a New Upload Queue:  Select an existing queue or create a new queue

    3. Record Match Set:  Select “ISBN”. This will check the catalog for existing records to avoid creating duplicate records.

    4. Select a Record Source:  Select “System Local”.

    5. Merge Profile:  Select “Add 856”. If there is a matching bib record in the catalog, this will tell Evergreen to add the new, incoming 856 to the existing record. This will add your library’s access link to the bib record.

    6. Import Non-Matching Records:  Check this box. This will import any new records into the catalog.

    7. Merge on Single Match:  Check this box. This will import any records with a single match into the catalog.
    8. Merge on Best Match:  Check this box. This will import any records with multiple matches into the catalog. 

  3. Go to File to Upload at the bottom of the screen. Click “Browse” and select the file of MARC records to upload.

  4. Click “Upload”. An upload status bar will appear to show the progress of uploading the records.

  5. The Upload Queue will appear and list the bibliographic records that were uploaded. Each record should have an Import Time and a number in the Imported As column. The number in the “Imported As” column is the TCN for the new bib record or the matching bib record that was merged.

  6. You can use this number to view the bib record by going to Cataloging>Retrieve Title by Database ID and entering the number.

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