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16.3. Circulation Modifiers in SPARK

SPARK Circ Mod Code SPARK Circ Mod Name SPARK Circ Mod Description
Audiobook audiobook CD, cassette, playaway
Book book book, ebook, large print, paperback, etc.
Book Club Kit Book Club Kit Book Club Kit
DVD dvd DVD (including BluRay and HD-DVD)
DVD-R dvd rated R DVD (including BluRay and HD-DVD) rated R
DVD Nonfiction DVD Nonfiction DVD Nonfiction
Equipment Equipment digital camera, projector, remote control, etc.
GovDoc government document local, state and federal documents
HighDemandBook High Demand Books Books that don't capture holds outside of owning library
HighDemandDVD High Demand DVD and Blurays Videos that don't capture holds outside of owning library.
ILL ILL Materials received to fill ILL requests for library's patrons
Kit kit kit, storybox, portfolio, collection
Media media slides, microforms, music sound recordings (LPs, CDs, cassettes)
Music music scores, sheet music
Realia realia art, toys, puppets, games, puzzles
Ref Noncirculating non-circulating materials
Serial serial magazine, newspaper, newsletter
Software Software videogames, computer programs
Unknown unknown unknown
Video video VHS tapes



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