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3.5. Statewide Library Card: The Old AccessPA Stickers

You are probably aware of the Statewide Library Card program in PA. 

The idea is that any person who lives in a community that supports a state-aided public library, can also apply to get a card or borrow resources at any other state-aided public library. It's a great idea to make sure everyone can use libraries, some even while traveling this great Commonwealth.

The program supports the patron choosing the location that is best for their needs. 

Local libraries set their own policies for what privileges are assigned to people who apply for service through the Statewide Library Card program.

It is not mandated that the patron display a local library card with the accessPA sticker, though that practice is used by some libraries.  (Some libraries even scan the local library card number into their database and use that card for the borrower--this is NOT a recommended practice because it leads to issues with duplicate barcodes when more libraries join and it also causes issues with barcode range reports, but some members may still use this practice.)

There are also municipalities in Pennsylvania that do not support a local public library.  Residents who live in those areas may visit your library and may want to apply for a card.  Your library can choose to provide a library card (withOUT an ACCESSPA sticker/logo) to these people, either for free or for a fee, or you may deny service.

I'm attaching here the documentation from the recent revision to the program.

Included is:


Some libraries have different barcode ranges for patrons who have a card through AccessPA. 

Some used different patron types to delineate between "service area" patrons and others who choose to use the location.   (These locations may want to ask if the User Group would consider a new Permission Profile (AccessPA ADULT / JUV)  Setting up patron profiles to prioritize services through this setting could simplify your reports rather than using the stat cat.

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