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3.3. Duplicate Barcodes / Multiple Accounts / Merging

Duplicate Barcodes

During migration, your library is asked what your standard barcode prefix is including how many digits it is and what its standard format is.  Patron barcodes that fall outside of your standard range are not guaranteed to easily work in SPARK.  The data can migrate, but the accounts may need to be merged with other locations or have a new barcode number assigned to them.

For context: Some libraries had practices/workflows where they scanned the number on another library's plastic card, so they have many barcode numbers that are not from their own standard barcode range.  This can cause problems because your patron's number is already in the system, and duplicate barcodes are not allowed.  In these scenarios, any barcode that has already been used in the SPARK Evergreen installation, will be transformed to a unique string of x_ORGCODE_SHORT_dup############## (where the # is the original barcode.)

Multiple Accounts

SPARK recommends that a patron only needs one account to take full advantage of physical material borrowing at all SPARK Libraries.  Any barcode number scanned at a location will populate in the system. 

Some libraries choose to issue their own card to a patron, even if they are already at another SPARK library, which gives the patron 2 or more accounts in SPARK.  That is a local choice, and may be advisable for locations who want to provide access to online/e-resources that are authenticated with by customer barcode/account details.  


Do you set your web client Search Scope for Patrons to the SPARK level?  

If patrons have more than one account with a SPARK library, their login will work in your catalog interface too.  Customers with multiple accounts in our shared system may need a little education/or extra understanding of their accounts.


If you find two records for one person, those records can be merged, allowing the patron to keep both barcodes, with one as a primary. 

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