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4.1. Holds Policies and Procedures

Empower your patrons to place their own hold requests using their account.

There are many features available to let customers make their own decisions about how to use the library card account number you have provided them. 

The SPARK Community will create some great videos and handouts to explain the Patron Experience. 

The new basket in our version 3.3 is a feature that many customers may enjoy.  Patrons are empowered to place their own requests and plan their visits to your library to pick up materials.

Staff members can also place holds for patrons. 

Ask the SPARK Community for how they handle holds on copies that have not yet arrived--there are many ways different locations do it. 

Public services staff may want to write up a workflow about how they place holds at service desks on patron request.

Newly Migrating Locations Need to Answer:

  1. Where can your patrons with your Home Library pickup items? 
  2. Where can patrons request them from?
  3. Who can request items from your locations?  (any other SPARK libraries?)
  4. Will your location use Age Hold Protection to prevent "New" items from transiting?
  5. How long are holds kept active?
  6. What are your rules on suspended holds? (Is this feature working as expected?)
  7. How many days will you keep an item on the shelf if there is a waiting list of others? 
  8. How many notifications do you send, at what intervals, and what is the text of those notices?
  9. Do you use a public hold shelf or a private hold shelf?  (How should slips for holds print?)

Internal Community Notes:

Can a library verify if suspending of holds from staff side is working these days?  (There's an open ticket in our helpdesk about this.)

I'm looking for a report with the statistic for how holds are place in our SPARK Libraries.  What percentage are placed by patrons and what percentage are placed by staff?   A goal could be to have patrons place more holds on their own.

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