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1.1. What is Launchpad?

The Evergreen Launchpad project brings together bug reports, wishlist ideas, translations, and blueprints for future development of Evergreen.

The most practical use for SPARK library staff involves using Launchpad for bug reports and wishlist ideas

Launchpad is open to anyone; SPARK library staff are encouraged to post bugs and wishlist items there.

SPARK Support attempts to keep a list of those our own community wants and needs on our own Bug Tracker page.

Andrea Buntz Nieman from Equinox gave a presentation on using Launchpad at the 2019 Evergreen International Conference at Valley Forge. Her presentation provides a good overview and explanation of the various parts of the Evergreen Communities use of Launchpad. It includes instructions for setting up a Launchpad account (required to fully use Launchpad), and overview of the site, and detailed descriptions of bug reporting.

The Link to the presentation is 


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