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2.1. Contacting SPARK Support if System is Down or Slow

  Contacting SPARK Support if the system is Down or Extremely Slow

These steps should be followed if Evergreen/SPARK is not operational (or is extremely slow) on any workstations in your library and you have verified that the problem is not being caused by a local network or Internet Service Provider problem.

  1. Call Lugene Shelly at 717-818-2703
  2. If no answer, Call or Text Carrie Cleary at 717-884-3805.
  3. If no answer, call Equinox at 877-673-6457 Option 2.

If the Evergreen system housed on the Sequoia servers hosted by Equinox is down, people will swing into action and access the situation. 

Meanwhile, if your location wants to use Evergreen to record barcode numbers for circulation transactions, use Offline Mode.

AFTER you have attempted to call/text a PaILS Support staff member, you may also:

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