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1.1. Contacting SPARK Support if System is Down or Slow

Contacting SPARK Support if the system is Down or Extremely Slow

These steps should be followed if Evergreen/SPARK is not operational (or is extremely slow) on any workstations in your library and you have verified that the problem is not being caused by a local network or Internet Service Provider problem.

  1. Call or Text ILS Application Specialist, Jennifer B, at 717-818-2703.  
  2. Wait 3-5 minutes.  If you don't get a response...
  3. Call Equinox at 877-673-6457 Option 2.


If you'd rather do the whole communication online via our support web form, mark YES to indicate Urgent. 

That sends a text to staff of PaILS Support.  This will also generate a ticket in our support desk that you are being effected.  We will eventually merge those tickets into one "SPARK incident report" and attempt to use our software to post ticket updates on the problem.  It will allow us to communicate updates and ask for information.   Standby to expect a response via email or phone call. 

What Happens Next:

If the Evergreen system housed on the Sequoia servers hosted by Equinox is down, people will swing into action and assess the situation.

We all want functionality back as soon as possible--people need libraries.

We understand it's crappy to be without software access, but meanwhile...keep calm.  Do what is in the best interests of serving your patrons and your library. 

If your location wants to use Evergreen to record barcode numbers for circulation transactions, use Offline Mode.  (Note: Some locations use other methods to record transactions.)

AFTER the first person has had contact with SPARK Support, we will send a message to SPARK-USERS indicating the incident report, so you know we are doing the work.  We will attempt to keep you informed.  We will let you know when we have full confirmation that the system is back, but sometimes just hitting the refresh button every 5 minutes to check if it is working again is the fastest way to get back in business. 

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