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10.1. When an Item mis-scans at checkin and goes "In Transit"

Sometimes when checking an item in, the scanner will misread the barcode and it will checkin as a different item.   This is why it can be important to watch the screen after each transaction.

In this case, Evergreen may want to send the item back to its home library thus creating a transit.  This may happen when the scanner reads only part of the barcode, and the barcode it retrieved matches a short barcode at another library in SPARK. (Some SPARK libraries still have short barcodes in their catalogs. Others use short barcodes as placeholder for acquisitions.)

If this happens, contact SPARK support as soon a possible. Support can cancel the transit on the mis-scanned barcode. When contacting Support, provide the mis-scanned barcode and any other relevant information. It's important to inform support quickly so the transit can be cleared before the item circulates again.

After contacting support, and being told the transit is successfully cancelled, you will need to scan your item again to finish the transaction at your library.

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