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1.8. Organization Units

Understand the structure of the SPARK Libraries in this consortia by learning about Organization Units.

To update the Org Unit Settings, Hours, and Addresses, you must be logged in as LibAdmin.

Go to Administration-->Server Administration-->Organizational Units.

To update information about your organization:

Click on the text of your organization's name (opening folders with the carrot as needed). 

Edit the three tabs of information about your organization on the right pane: 1. Main Settings 2. Hours of Operation, and 3. Addresses. (See screenclip below.)

Save after each tab is updated. 

It is a PaILS/SPARK Best Practice to complete most fields in this setting, including multiple addresses and the county field.  This is a once and done task that only needs to be updated when hours or contact information change.

If you do not have permissions to update this and need a change, please ask Support.  

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