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8.2. Best-Hold Sort Order

What order do you believe that holds should be filled it?

Do you want to keep a strict list order or fill holds that would reduce transit costs and aims to keep popular items in active use?

This is where that setting lives.  It is a VERY complex setting.  Read about it in Evergreen's 3.2 Documentation.

(Does each location get to choose or is this a SPARKwide shared decision?)

Evergreen comes with six pre-configured Best-Hold Selection Sort Orders to choose from: 

  1. Traditional
  2. Traditional with Holds-go-home
  3. Traditional with Holds-always-go-home
  4. FIFO
  5. FIFO with Holds-go-home
  6. FIFO with Holds-always-go-home

Understand and describe the impact of each of the settings below:

Bonus Project:  After SPARK Community Members attended the Evergreen Conference, they were asked to submit a piece of content.  One library submitted the proposal attached to this page as a download.  If discussing this interests you, start a conversation in the forum on on the listserv.

Update:  There is a Launchpad wishlist, feature change to watch regarding Best Hold Sort Order: https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1869794

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