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1.4. Cash Reports

Evergreen has built in Cash Reports that can be accessed via Administration---Local Administration---Cash Reports. 

This report will total your library's payments that are processed through the Bills tab in a patron's account.  This will not collect transactions via the catalog or a 3rd party cash register.   There are two kinds.  Desk Payments are cash, check, credit or debit card.  User Payments are those made on behalf of a patron like forgive, work, goods or credit. 

You can look at historical data and current data by setting your dates and library. 

The first column will be the workstation the transaction occurred at for Desk Payments, and it will be the staff username that issued the User payments. 


If you need more detailed totals, you will need to run a Report using the Payments by Bill Type source.  This will allow you to get a break-down of payments made for specific billing types.  

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