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3.3. Record In-House Use or Use of Non-Cataloged Items

SPARK has set a few categories for things that are typically tracked/counted for In-House Use or for use of items that aren't cataloged, like Paperback Exchange collections.

This is also known as Non-Cataloged Use.

There are many different uses of this feature in SPARK libraries, based on local desires for tracking.  Some use the field to count programs offered and attendance, others use it to track collections that are free-will (paperback exchanges) or for special items like seed packets. 

Your library chooses how you want to set up these categories when you join PaILS and you can add new ones for your location when needed, but don't make it too complex.

It is important for locations to know how these categories of In-House / Non-Cataloged Use are added to your statistical reports.

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