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7.2. Setting up a new or re-set workstation

Read the documentation from Evergreen 3.2 to learn how to register a workstation:  http://docs.evergreen-ils.org/reorg/3.2/serials/_registering_a_workstation.html


Download a very short video below; watch it to see the steps.   Follow along and learn how to Register a Workstation.

You can stream the content here:

More about Workstations:

Q: What should I name my workstation? 
A: You get to choose. 
Here are some factors in that decision. 

Does your location have a plan that helps you to decide how to name your workstation?   Share how you do it to help other libraries.

Migration Note:  Migrating libraries will have limited abilities to Register a Workstation.  Our vendor will provide logins that have this capability during Migration. 

Permissions Note: The ability to register a workstation is limited to certain Permissions.  This keeps our web based system more secure.  If you don't have the ability to do this, but think you should, ask your manager or contact SPARK support.

When you get a new workstation: Set defaults:

Import Saved Receipt Templates

Local Search Settings for Catalog


Local Search Settings for Patrons

Search --> Search for Patrons

Manage Columns

Another Important Feature of Evergreen that makes using your Workstation Easier is Managing Columns. 

Don't overlook this important feature to control the default display (what you see) on each of the screens in Evergreen.

Depending on your location's setup or specific workflows, there may be different columns you prefer to display at each workstation.

The Manage Columns settings are saved to the server with the Workstation name.  Your customized settings can follow you around if you use the same workstation name when you login.

For more details, read the official Evergreen instructions about the Column Picker.

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