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1.3. Our Servers: Production, Test, and Resource Sharing

PaILS has contracted with Equinox to maintain three active Evergreen servers.


1.  Production server is used by SPARK members for daily functions. It is the only "live" and active server that records and processes transactions, patron information, collections, etc.

To access the production server use the url customized for your library:   


2. Test server is used mainly for testing data and policies during migrations.  It is also available for SPARK libraries to use for training or practice.

Staff Module:

Online Catalog:

Log in with the same user name and password for your account on production.  Register the workstation to your organization.


3. Resource Sharing Test Server  exists so libraries can test policies for the resource sharing and testing of other developments.

Online Catalog: (look for the purple):

Log in with the user name and password for your account on production. Register the workstation to your organization.



  • PaILS discourages testing in production.  Library staff should NOT test transactions on the production server.  Please use the test servers for any testing at your library.  Do NOT test in production.
  • A best practice is to make the changes on the test server, conduct tests from your location as well as other tiers if you resource share, and then plan a date to implement policy changes "Live" on the Production server.
  • The Test Servers do NOT send notices or emails. 
  • Data on the test servers is NOT up to date; it is merely a capture of the data at a point in time.  You will see items that have been returned still on patron accounts and items accruing fines and fees.  This is expected. 
  • The reporter is turned off on the test server, but can be used on the Resource Sharing Test Server. 
  • Both test servers stand alone, in that they are not connected to the production server and anything that is done on them will not be reflected in the live data or in each other.

Not all locations have a test server opac, but many do.  PaILS is working to ensure that everyone has a test opac as well.  Those that do can be viewed by downloading the attached list.

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