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13.2. "Patron account retrieved with an INACTIVE card"

When the alert "Patron account retrieved with an INACTIVE card" appears during a checkout, it means that the barcode being used is not active.

The alert serves as a warning that staff should check the validity of the card, and check the patron account for an active card.

Open the patron record and select the Edit tab.

Select the See All button next to the Replace Barcode button. This will display the current and past barcodes associated with this account.

circulation_patron_records 14

Check the box(es) for all barcodes that should be "active" for the patron. An "active" barcode may be used for circulation transactions. A patron may have more than one "active" barcode. Only one barcode may be designated "primary." The "primary" barcode displays in the patron's summary information in the Library Card field.

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