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13.3. Patron Groups in SPARK

SPARK has a number of patron groups based on the needs and requests of individual libraries. Your library's Circulation Policies are based on the patron groups that your library uses. Placing a patron in a patron group not used by your library may cause a circulation to fall back on the SPARK default policies.

If you notice that an item did not circulate as expected, it could be because the patron was placed in a patron group your library doesn't use.There is no way to limit the patron groups that appear in the list. Please make sure that the staff who register patrons are aware of the Patron Registration Policies and account expiration periods at your library and are placing your patrons into the correct patron group.


Patron Groups in SPARK are currently:

Adult 3 year
Courtesy 3 year
Juvenile/YA 3 year
Semester 180 days
Internet Only

New Patron types are only added by SPARK Community decision. 

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