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13.4. Patron Self Registration

Some SPARK libraries are using the Evergreen Self Registration feature.

Patron Self-Registration allows patrons to initiate registration for a library account through the OPAC.

Patrons fill out a web-based form with basic information that will be stored as a "pending patron" in Evergreen. Library staff review pending patrons in the staff-client and use the pre-loaded account information to create a full patron account. Pending patron accounts that are not approved within a configurable amount of time will be automatically deleted.

Patron Self-Registration

  1. In the OPAC, click on the link to Request Library Card
  2. Fill out the self-registration form to request a library card, and click Submit Registration.
  3. Patrons will see a confirmation message: "Registration successful! Please see library staff to complete your registration." This message is configurable. Please consult with SPARK support for changes.
Patron Self-Registration form

Library staff need to follow through with the registration.

Managing Pending Patrons

  1. In the staff client select CirculationPending Patrons.
  2. Select the patron you would like to review. In this screen you have the option to Load the pending patron information to create a permanent library account.
  3. To create a permanent library account for the patron, click on the patron's row, click on the Load Patron button at the top of the screen. This will load the patron self-registration information into the main Patron Registration form.
  4. Fill in the necessary patron information for your library, and click Save to create the permanent patron account.

Libraries using Patron Self Registration should make it a practice to check  for pending patrons on a regular basis.


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