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1.2. Contacting SPARK Support for Routine Questions

Contacting SPARK Support for Routine Questions/Issues

Each SPARK library has a "Technical Contact" who serves as the main liaison between the library and technical support staff employed by PaILS.  PaILS Staff and select members of the community who serve as additional support contacts will answer or filter requests to our host/support vendor or to Committee Leaders.

If you are NOT the technical contact for your organization, or if you are in a cooperative environment where your request may impact your neighbors, we may request authorization before fulfilling your request.

Submit a request by using the link Submit a Request in the upper left of this page.  It allows you to categorize the request and include attachments. 

Technical Contacts (or anyone effected) may also submit an issue by sending an email to

  1. Please use the form or the email address because the email will convert to a support ticket in SPARK ILS Evergreen Support Portal .
  2. You will receive a reply via email with the Help Spot ID number. If you reply to this email or any subsequent emails, please do not change the subject, as that will open a new ticket.
  3. In your reply email you will receive a link and access key that you can use to view or update your ticket through our web portal.
  4. It is PaILS Staff and YOUR responsibility to continue to followup on the request you submit.  If we aren't answering quickly enough and you believe your request is more urgent, call or reach out to nudge further attention.  PaILS Staff can be overwhelmed with requests, so a reminder is a good thing for us to draw attention back to your request.

When submitting a support request, please provide as much information as possible.

The preferred way to submit a request is to use the link Submit a Request in the upper left of this page.  It allows you to fill in the details that help us process and set priorities for requests.   Emailing a PaILS staff member directly will often result in that staff member forwarding the request to the support portal.  We use the portal to track time spent meeting member needs.

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