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5.1. Registering a New Patron

More information in the migration page here: https://sparkpa.helpspot.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=274

Registering New Patrons

To register a new patron, select Circulation → Register Patron from the menu bar. The Patron Registration form will display.

You will see Required Fields / Suggested Fields / All Fields view options.

Mandatory fields display in yellow.

When finished entering the necessary information, select Save to save the new patron record or Save & Clone to register a patron with the same address.

Be sure to fill out the Holds Notification with patron's preferred options.

Other Notes:

  • Required fields options are configured in the Library Settings Editor (Admin → Local Admin → Library Settings Editor).  See examples and SPARK default settings:
  • Statistical categories may be created for information tracked by your library that is not in the default patron record. (Configured in the Statistical Categories Editor (Admin → Local Admin → Statistical Categories Editor). Can be Required too.
  • The Main (Profile) Permission Group determines how the Update Expire Date button works. Permission group determines the expiration date.  This also determines how Circulation and Hold policies apply to these types.
  • Home Library is typically the location where the person registers. 
  • When you enter a Zip Code, typically, City, County, and State information will populate.  If you find Zip Codes that don't auto-populate, let Support know what they should be and we can request to update the zips.txt file on the server, push out the change, and restart the search service.
  • Consider standard formatting for how patron information is entered.  Example:  Use the Parent/Guardian field in a consistent way.  Always enter phone numbers as suggested in examples.  Do you use all caps or a mix of upper and lowercase letters?
  • Before you register a patron, do you search to see if they already have an account in Evergreen?  In your district?  In your system?  In your shared Org Units?  What messages would stop you from issuing a NEW card if a patron has a fine in another location? 
  • Never collect Primary identification information in Evergreen--Do NOT collect full SSNs.
  • Have a standard if a patron doesn't want you to record their actual DOB or other identifying info.

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