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13.1. Registering a New Patron

More information in the migration page here: https://sparkpa.helpspot.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=274

Registering New Patrons

To register a new patron, select Circulation → Register Patron from the menu bar. The Patron Registration form will display.

You will see Required Fields / Suggested Fields / All Fields view options.

Mandatory fields display in yellow.

When finished entering the necessary information, select Save to save the new patron record or Save & Clone to register a patron with the same address.

Be sure to fill out the Holds Notification with patron's preferred options.

  • Required fields may be configured in the Library Settings Editor (Admin → Local Admin → Library Settings Editor).
  • Statistical categories may be created for information tracked by your library that is not in the default patron record. (Configured in the Statistical Categories Editor (Admin → Local Admin → Statistical Categories Editor).

  • The Main (Profile) Permission Group determines how the Update Expire Date button works. Permission group determines the expiration date.

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