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21.1. Missing Pieces Procedure

Missing Pieces Procedure

Material with a missing part should never be discharged, no matter what library the material belongs to.

How to find out who the item is checked out to:

1. Click on 'Circulation' and choose 'Item Status' from the drop down menu.


2. Scan the item barcode and click on 'Detail View'.

3. Click on 'Recent Circ History' tab (on the right you'll see the most recent circ and on the left the previous circ).

4. Click on the patrons name under 'Most Recent Circ '. This will pull up their account to get the information you need to mail a letter.

How to create a letter and put an alert on the patrons account:

5. At the top of the page click on 'Circulation' and choose 'Scan Item as Missing Pieces' from the drop down menu.

6. Scan/Type the item barcode.

7. A box will pop up asking to Mark Item as Missing Pieces? Click OK/Continue.

8. A print screen will pop up. You can print this if you'd like or choose cancel for a custom letter shown in step 11.

9. Apply Standing Penalty/Message will pop up. Choose Alert, leave a note and add your initials. (Example note: DVD Selma was returned empty.) This will alert staff the next time the patrons account is pulled up.

10. Click OK

11. The next screen is a letter that you can print and mail to the patron. You can add or delete the wording on this letter.

How to delete the alert (on the patrons account) once the item is


1. Pull up the patrons account. 2. Click on the 'Messages' tab.

3. Check/highlight the message, right click on it and choose 'Remove Penalty/Message'.

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