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8.8. Cataloging parties

Cataloging Parties and SPARK: A (Very Loose) Proposal

written by Jonathan Moore, Cataloger, Wyomissing Public Library

Friday, May 24, 2019

When I attended the 2019 Evergreen International Conference, one of the most interesting events for me was a session led by Anna Goben of Evergreen Indiana. Her presentation was titled "Catalogers Know How to Party", and it described a unique process their cataloging community has developed to offer support to member institutions.

I believe the theory behind what Ms. Goben described could be very helpful to SPARK. In the following outline, I will attempt to describe how such a resource-sharing venture could be applied to our community, and what the inherent requirements and benefits would be.






In conclusion, I do not want to pretend that something like a Cataloging Party would be easy to make happen — the logistics of coordinating volunteers, providing equipment, and organizing the work would be significant. I also freely admit that one Party could not realistically solve all of a library's cataloging problems — even given a massive number of participants, there is only so much that can be accomplished in one day or one afternoon. But even considering the inherent difficulties, the collective benefits of a Cataloging Party would be more than worth the effort.




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