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3.4. Managing an old staff account

When a staff member leaves, it's important to disable their account to prevent unauthorized access.

The following steps should be taken-

1. Change the password on all shared workstations. For example, if you use a generic login for your circulation desk computers, change the password immediately.

2. Change the password on the staffer's account asap. Also mark the account inactive.

3. Transfer any report templates. If the staff member has report templates that need to be accessed or used by someone else, log into the old account and share the template folders to the system level. To share a report folder, go into that report folder, select Manage Folder, select Share this folder from the dropdown menu, and select your system. Log into the new login access account, find the old account name under Shared Folders, and open. Check the box beside the report you want and choose Clone selected template from the dropdown menu. Then, select the new folder to clone the template into (noteĀ— you have to create folders in your new login account first).

4. To preserve report output from the former staffer, save any relevant Excel spreadsheets from the old login account directly to your preferred storage location.

5. If the staffer has any copy templates that need to be transferred , try the following- log into Evergreen on the old login account, choose Export on the Copy Editor screen, and save the file on the workstation. Then, log out of Evergreen and log back in with the new account, choose Import from the same Copy Editor screen and choose the file  just saved on the workstation. The item templates will be available with that login (on any workstation).


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