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3.5. When Staff Leave, Quit, or are Terminated

When a staff member leaves your library, it's important to disable their STAFF account to prevent unauthorized access.

It is a best practice that workers at your location have one account for personal library use and one account for their login to the web client of Evergreen.

When a staff member is no longer employed, you must disable their access to the staff module of Evergreen.

Consider these steps for the account the staff member used to login to Evergreen as follows:

  1. Change the password on the staff account so that the staff member does not have access to it as soon as staff member is no longer employed.  (This is currently #10 in your PaILS membership agreement.)
  2. If the staff account did work with cataloging and has Copy/Item templates that need to be transferred: Login with the staff account, choose Export on the Copy Editor screen, and save the file.   Then, log out of Evergreen and log back in with a different account, choose Import from the same Copy Editor screen and choose the file just saved to make the templates available to that login.
  3. If the staff account had Report templates/reports/output.  If the staff member has report information that need to be transferred, log into the old account and share the template folders to the location level that needs them.  (To share a report folder, go into that report folder, select Manage Folder, select Share this folder from the dropdown menu, and select your system.)  Using an account that needs the templates, find the old account name under Shared Folders, and open. Check the box beside the template you want and choose Clone selected template from the dropdown menu. Then, select the new folder to clone the template into.  To preserve report output, ensure that any output is saved in your local storage.  After you have retrieved what you need, then Manage Folders again and Un-Share the folders from the old staff account to keep your folders organized and current.
  4. Change the password on all shared workstations. If you used a shared account to login for your circulation desk computers, change the passwords for the accounts.  This is especially critical if the shared account had access to the reporter or the ability to set up workstations.
  5. After you have retrieved all of the data you need from the staff account, change the expiration date to the employee's last date of employment, mark the account inactive by unchecking the Active checkbox and Save the changes. 

After these steps, the no longer employed staff member will not be able to access their staff account in Evergreen.

Consider these steps for the staff member's personal/patron library use account based on local practices: 

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