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8.2. Cover images

Currently SPARK has a contract with a vendor, Syndetics, which supplies cover art images to our Evergreen catalog through linked data.  Errors and omissions can occur.

Syndetic Solutions retrieves images based on the following identifiers found in bibliographic records:

Before opening a support ticket please check ALL of the ISBNs on the record at https://isbnsearch.org or your favorite source for checking ISBNs. 

If there are multiple ISBNs in a record, the wrong cover art could be coming from one of them. A single incorrect ISBN can pull in the wrong cover.  Before we can submit to our vendor, you must verify each of them. 

If the incorrect ISBN or UPC is removed the cover will typically correct itself within 48 hours.

Some books have several jackets and cover art depending on the edition.  Check to make sure that it's not a jacket from another version that's causing it to look different from the title in hand.

The UPC in the 024 field can also influence cover art. If that field is present in the record, please check to make sure that it is correct.

The "blank image" rule will trigger when no image is available. If there is no image available, none will appear in the catalog. SPARK does not use a default "no image available" placeholder, but we can consider this option if the community would want it.

After you have checked all of the ISBNs/ISSNs and UPCs and you are confident that the record is correct, but the image that displays is incorrect, open a ticket with SPARK support. Please provide:

  1. TCN for the record, noting that you have verified the ISBNs and UPCs on the record are correct.
  2. Link to the public catalog page where patrons see the incorrect image.
  3. Send a link to the image you expect it to display, based on your searches.
  4. Any other description of what you believe is incorrect.

SPARK support will investigate and open a ticket with Syndetics.

Bonus: If the item is missing cover art and you create an image or found one that you have rights to submit, please send the image to SPARK Support with the same information requested above and we will look into having it added to the database.

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